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Presenting at LEAD Events

October 22, 2010

By Paul Brodie, Vice President-Organizational Development

This past weekend I had the opportunity to take part in the best LEAD School that I have ever attended. New Orleans LEAD School was my 22nd LEAD event and the 16th where I presented a session. We had over 600 brothers attend the conference from all five provinces and it will be a conference that I will never forget.

Presenting sessions is one of my favorite things to do as a brother. I create many sessions specifically for LEAD events and in New Orleans I presented “PMA: Positive Mental Attitude.” The session was created for the Boston LEAD School in 2008 and I have presented at several LEAD events since then.

The session is sixty minutes of engaging information with goals ranging from creating strategies for developing positive thinking, learning how positive thinking can improve your life both physically and mentally, and showing how to use your PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) and not your NMA (Negative Mental Attitude). The session also involves quite a few entertaining stories, music, dancing and even some good old fashioned stomping and clapping. I specifically created PMA because we all struggle at times to keep a positive mental attitude and our attitudes have a huge affect on our everyday lives.

One of the things I preach in my sessions is that a huge part of your day depends on how you start it. Your morning soundtrack is crucial to starting your day and I share examples of music that I play every morning. Songs range from my wake up song of “Let It Rock” by Kevin Rudolf to my emergency song of “We Will Rock You” by Queen. The emergency song is especially useful if you are going through a rough day because the right song can help you escape from negativity. Personally, I always have music on and as I am writing this, I am listening to “Runaway” by Kayne West.

I also share my story about leaving a highly successful job in the corporate world to follow my passion and I share my transition into teaching. The attendees are encouraged to find something they love to do and to find a way to make a career by doing so. There is nothing better than waking up every day and looking forward to the day ahead due to a fulfilling career.

The best part of the session though is reaching the audience. Seeing our brother’s reactions to the stories and music is what it is all about. Giving seminars helped me transition to teaching because I loved being able to help our Brothers and that translated into me helping my students. I have also had the honor of becoming friends with many Brothers who have attended my sessions over the past several years.  

The seminar always ends with what I call the victory yell. I ask the attendees one question and that is “What are you proud to be?” and the answer is “Proud to be a Deltasig.” The attendees yell several times and it is a great way to conclude the seminar. I highly encourage you to present a session at an upcoming LEAD School or Provincial Conference because there is nothing better than having the opportunity to help and to give back to Delta Sigma Pi. It also shows our commitment that Deltasig is not four years, it is for life.

Proud to be a Deltasig.

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