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Tips for Improving Scholastic Development

December 8, 2010

By Bryan Clark, Rockhurst, Chapter President 2008-10

Nu Omega at Rockhurst University was thrilled by the results of the 2010 New Orleans LEAD in the South Central Province. As a chapter, we came in unsure of how we would fair in the awards ceremony. However, we left with some great honors. We not only were able to sweep our region of all awards, we also won the provincial award for Chapter Advisor of the Year and Outstanding Scholastic Development. The real honor came from the national award we received, Most Outstanding Scholastic Development. This was the very first time in our chapter’s history that we won a national award. Our chapter is the youngest in our region; we recently celebrated our first ten years. To be able to achieve on such a high scale is not only cause for excitement amongst our members, it is indicative of the constant commitment our brothers show towards academics.

The preparation for this award came from a new set of ideas on scholastic development within our chapter. In the spring we started scholarship seminars for our brothers, weekly study hours, school sponsored test files and brother tutoring sessions. These things had all been considered before, but we were able to really put them into practice in the spring. We also established GMAT and LSAT test prep courses for our brothers with a newly initiated brother who owns his very own graduate school test prep company. The course he provided was for a fraction of the cost of the normal course. This helped many of our graduating seniors prepare for graduate school successfully. We really believe that this winning combination of ideas and pursuits is what led our chapter to receiving the Most Outstanding Scholastic Development award this year.

Ultimately though, it takes the dedication of the chapter to make things like this happen. We recognize that we can offer as many programs, sessions, seminars and the like but it takes a level of commitment from the brothers to want to pursue these programs. I think what I am most proud of is that we not only offer programs to increase our brother’s worth but we also have high quality brothers who are excited about the programs we offer. We would not be able to share in this success as a group if we did not come together as a group and work towards a higher goal. I truly believe that our brothers recognize the significant value of outstanding academics and they are attracted to the programs we offer because they work. We have had measurable success in our chapter and I believe that only comes through a proactive stance on academics and dedication to continued success.

It is also important to recognize the strong and descriptive writing that went into the application. I feel that we are successful as a chapter winning awards because we can accurately and clearly translate our successes onto paper. When we write our applications, we make sure we leave no stone unturned while editing. We work tirelessly on clarity of speech and we peer review. This may seem like a painstaking process, but the benefits far outweigh the work that goes in. As a chapter, we recognize we achieve on a high level, we want to make sure we can show it to the rest of the Fraternity.

In the past year, we have seen our overall chapter GPA steadily increase on average. This alone has attracted interest and attention from non-Deltasig business majors who are looking for a leg up. As a chapter, we will continue to offer these programs to build on the success we have established over the last two years. As president of Nu Omega for two years, I have had the privilege to watch our chapter really spread its wings and I am honored to have helped guide it to success. I feel confident, as a senior who will soon graduate, that Nu Omega will continue to function on a high level on campus and nationally. I am proud of Nu Omega and our continued efforts towards excellence and success and I look forward to what will come in the near and long-term future!

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  1. Abe V. permalink
    December 8, 2010 11:23 pm

    I find it interesting to read what you have done with offering GMAT and LSAT test prep courses. Our university’s MBA director has also offered brothers discounted rates for prep courses. Any ideas for effectively promoting this to the brothers, especially for those who are unsure about continuing after graduation?

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