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‘Tis the season to give back…

December 21, 2010

Welcome back to Terminology Tuesday! Each Tuesday we will blog about some commonly misused terms within the Fraternity. It’s our hope that you take some time to read, laugh, smile, and then use the information to alter your word choices, and the choices of those around you.

With the holidays right around the corner, it’s the season to give back. And what better way to give back to Deltasig than volunteering! There are many ways to get involved on a national or regional level and today’s post explains proper terminology for these volunteer positions.   

The Board of Directors is the executive, legislative and judiciary body of this Fraternity and consists of the Grand President, the immediate Past Grand President, Vice President – Finance, Vice President – Organizational Development, the five Provincial Vice Presidents, the two most recently named Collegians of the Year and the Executive Director.

Provincial Vice Presidents (PVP) are elected to serve on the board (your chapter will vote on your new PVP at the upcoming Grand Chapter Congress in Louisville!)  and are each in charge of one province: North Central, Western, South Central, Southern or Northeastern. Each is then responsible for the Regional Vice Presidents in their province.  The Provincial Vice Presidents plan their respective LEAD Provincial Conferences and Provincial Council Meetings in the spring (register today!) and appoint provincial committees. 

Regional Vice Presidents (RVP) are elected (your chapter will vote on your new RVP at the upcoming GCC!) and are responsible for the guidance and leadership of all collegiate and alumni chapters within their regions. They appoint District Directors, conduct regional educational conferences and promote the expansion and reactivation of chapters and award programs within their Regions. It is the responsibility of RVPs to appoint District Directors.

District Directors (DD) are usually responsible for one specific chapter in their area.  They visit their chapter, work with chapter advisors, promote Fraternity-wide programs and seek out future volunteers.

An additional way to get involved as a volunteer is to serve as a committee member. There are national and provincial committees and each has a chair. Committee opportunities include: Alumni Development, Organizational Development, Community Service, Professional Development, Finance, Provincial Discipline, and Scholastic Development & Awards.  Please contact your PVP or RVP if you are interested in serving on a local committee.

Check out the Volunteer Leadership Manual, fill out the Delta Sigma Pi Volunteer Interest Form and start giving back today!  If you are interested in an elected position, please note that the official nomination form must be completed by March 15th to be included in the official nominations beacon distributed to all chapters before Congress.

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