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Consultants Hit the Road

February 9, 2011

By Jeremy Levine and Crystal Simmons, Educational and Leadership Consultants

Over the course of the fall semester, the consultants together:

  • Drove about 11,000 miles
  • Visited 60 chapters
  • Traveled to 19 states
  • Stay 80 nights at hotels
  • Spent 540 hours in meetings
  • Traveled through 12 different airports

Educational and Leadership Consultants travel to many different colleges and universities and although the structure of the visit is often the same, the quality of the meetings are dependent on the chapter. Regardless of whether you are a volunteer leader, a chapter president or a general collegiate member, these suggestions will help you to make a consultation visit more productive and efficient. Keep in mind the consultants are busy, but they are there to help your chapter improve!

Scheduling the Consultation Visit

-Allow time between meetings.

  • Don’t assume a meeting will run shorter than the requested duration of the meeting and remember consultants need time to travel between meetings.

-Encourage your District Director to attend the executive committee meeting

-Every requested meeting has a purpose

  • As part of the standard structure of a consultation visit, meetings are requested with the Chapter Advisor, Dean of the business school (or assistant) and the Director of Student Activities (or assistant).-

-Plan a chapter business meeting where business is conducted

  • The consultants can only offer guidance for possible improvement if they see the chapter in action.

-Schedule meals and meetings separately

During the Consultation Visit

-Know what you want to get out of the visit

  • Consultants are able to fill scheduled time with general discussion, but there are likely minor or major issues affecting your chapter. Prior to the consultation visit, prepare for the visit by gathering your thoughts on what the chapter may need assistance with or what your chapter would like to brag about.

-Be open and honest

  • Don’t hesitate to express all of your questions and concerns. The consultants are visiting to work alongside you, give a  fresh perspective and provide encouragement. 

After the Consultation Visit

-Stay in touch

  • Consultants are available for members to contact even after they have left campus. Don’t hesitate to email or call them!
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