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Community Service Makes a Splash in Baton Rouge

February 17, 2011

By Kris McDaniel, South Central Provincial Community Service Chair

Following a successful event in New Orleans in the fall, the South Central Community Service Committee was off on a mad dash to get everything lined up for the South Central LEAD Provincial Conference in Baton Rouge. We planned two events (a money war and a blood drive), had the hotel approve the events, created fliers to include in the LEAD registration email and then promoted the events. With hours of preparation already done, and snow and ice predicted in Baton Rouge, I boarded a plane with high hopes that everything would go as planned.

The South Central Provincial Initiative is the Ronald McDonald House, an organization that helps families stay together while a child is in the hospital for long-term care. At this LEAD event, we decided to mirror other provinces and hold a money war instead of a pop-tab drive as we have done in the past. The regions would compete against each other and each chapter in the region that donated the most money would be able to pie their RVP in the face. That RVP would then be able to pie the PVP.  The committee also chose to sponsor a blood drive run by Life Share of Baton Rouge.

Our results were incredible, considering we only had about 75% of the registered attendees actually make it to the event – and some were as late as Saturday afternoon due to travel issues with the ice & snow. Twelve collegiate and eight alumni chapters participated in the money war benefiting the Ronald McDonald House and we raised a total of $173.57 (more than $1 per attendee!).  

Gulf Western RVP Gilbert Landras received the honor of being pied by his chapters and received 6 pies in the face. Gilbert then pied South Central PVP Los Ellis. Los was also pied by a representative from McNeese State (all participating chapters were entered into a drawing, with the winner being able to pie the PVP).

Twenty-five brothers from 10 collegiate chapters and 5 alumni chapters participated in the blood drive and Life Share collected 21 pints of blood. Special thanks to Past Grand President Mitch Simmons, Leadership Foundation Vice Chairman Brandon Trease, Leadership Foundation Trustee Joe Mayne and other Deltasig leaders for donating.

We thank everyone who helped make these community service initiatives a success and encourage everyone to support their province! Do you have any ideas for initiatives at future LEAD events?

RVP Gilbert Landras and PVP Los Ellis pose after being pied in the face during the community service initative at the South Central LEAD Provincial Conference.

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  1. February 17, 2011 9:50 pm

    i love it

  2. May 24, 2011 6:28 pm

    I would like to thank everyone who participated in the 2011 provincial community service initiative this spring. A special thanks goes out to Kris and her committee for all their hard work to deliver a fun and supportive community service event.

    Los Ellis
    South Central Provincial Vice President
    Delta Sigma Pi

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