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Who needs to submit a nomination?

March 8, 2011

Welcome back to Terminology Tuesday! Each Tuesday we will blog about some commonly misused terms within the Fraternity. It’s our hope that you take some time to read, laugh, smile, and then use the information to alter your word choices, and the choices of those around you.

Once every two years, brothers are nominated to serve as the elected leaders of Delta Sigma Pi. At Grand Chapter Congress, chapters will elect brothers to serve the Board positions of Grand President, Vice President–Organizational Development and Vice President–Finance. Each chapter will also elect their respective Provincial Vice Presidents (who serve on the Board) and Regional Vice Presidents (who do not serve on the Board, but are lected). The brothers elected to these positions will serve for the 2011-2013 biennium. (See the earlier post about duties of these national officers.)

All candidates must submit the electronic submission form and a signed Code of Conduct online to be considered an official nominee.

Nominations must be received at the Central Office by March 15 in order to be published in the official report that is posted on the website and distributed to delegates at the Grand Chapter. You can be nominated after March 15 at GCC, but you lose the benefit of having your information made available to the delegates in advance.

To serve in a national office of the Fraternity:

  • The brother must have been an initiated member of Delta Sigma Pi for at least three years at the time of their election.
  • For Regional and Provincial leadership positions, the brother must live in the region or province in question.
  • The brother must be an alumni, faculty, or honorary member in good standing. Collegiate members are not eligible for these positions.
  • The brother should have demonstrated unqualified interest in, and dedication to, the Fraternity.
  • Brothers who serve in these positions do so as volunteers. They are not financially compensated for the time they devote to the Fraternity. Only necessary out-of-pocket costs and travel expenses may be reimbursed.
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