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Could your resume be a website?

March 23, 2011

By: Joe Mayne, St. Cloud State

Can you use a website as your resume? Why not?

I wouldn’t completely skip the paper version, but having an online version that employers can go to instantly – along with links to your references, blog, social media profiles, and so on – is a fantastic idea. It’s not so much that the web version of your resume needs to be new or different, but that anything that makes it more convenient for people to find out about you can only help.

Imagine that one of your family members or professional contacts was mentioning you during a phone call. Rather than having to e-mail a PDF resume or dig out a printed copy, they could simply mention your URL (usually just your name, or something close), and all the information would be right there at their fingertips. Even better, you can use free tools like Google analytics to see how many hits you had your resume site, where they’re coming from, what people are looking at, and so on.

Setting up an online resume can be accomplished in almost no time at all, and without much expense. In fact, sites like themeforest have predesigned “v-card” templates that only cost a few dollars, and are set up for that exact purpose.

Posting your resume online, or making it its own mini-website, is a great way to add another dimension to your job search, while showing prospective employers that you are resourceful at the same time. So take a few minutes, upload your info, and happy Internet job hunting!

Editor’s Note: Leadership Foundation Trustee Joe Mayne is a veteran recruiter and professional speaker. Over the past 15 years, he’s interviewed thousands of candidates, examined countless resumes, and helped students from hundreds of campuses find great jobs. He is a frequent presenter at Delta Sigma Pi workshops, including LEAD events and Grand Chapter Congress. Learn more about him and view other useful career search topics at

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