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Why go to GCC?

August 31, 2011

By: Golden Council Member Eddie Stephens

This year marked my 20th anniversary as a brother of Delta Sigma Pi.

Since my initiation in 1991, I have had the opportunity to try on many different hats (leadership roles) which exposed me to a variety of experiences.  My experiences with Deltasig have not been all good.   I have had ups and downs, clefts and valleys.  Much like life.

My low point was having my chapter suspended for repeated risk management violations while I was serving as president.  That was rough and certainly could have ended my involvement with the fraternity.  But it didn’t.  I stayed involved and I’m glad I did.

Up until that point, my entire Deltasig experience was from my own collegiate chapter. I did not understand what the national experience had to offer. So in 1993, I went to this little event called GRAND CHAPTER CONGRESS in Anaheim, Calif. That experience renewed my enthusiasm for the fraternity and showed me there was much more to this organization then what my collegiate chapter had led me to believe.

It’s hard to describe your first Congress, except to say it is life changing.

All of these names I was forced to memorize as a pledge, were there ….and they wanted to meet me.  I learned of the Delta Sigma Pi “thread”, the gold and purple fabric that runs through the entire organization that bonds us all.  It is hard to describe, so let’s just refer to that concept as “Brotherhood”.

Every night of Congress I got less and less sleep until sleep was no longer needed.  By the banquet we were powered purely by adrenaline.

I had never met so many people so quickly and had such an enjoyable time doing it.

Something interesting happened that week. I found some form of new energy that I had not previously channeled. I came back from Congress INSPIRED to do great things and tried to relay that energy to others.

I have been to every Congress since but one.  Sometimes I have the opportunity to see my brothers in between Congresses, sometimes not. Just like in a family, time does not seem to affect Deltasig friendships, as we always pick up right where we left off.

I have met some great people in Deltasig and some of my best friends are Deltasigs (and not necessarily from my collegiate chapter).

I am glad I remained in the Fraternity.  I know I have benefited from my experiences and would like to think the fraternity has benefited from my involvement.

In 2007, my Fraternity experience hit a peak at GCC as we celebrated the centennial anniversary.  By this point I was serving as chair and president of Delta Sigma Pi’s Leadership Foundation and governing the Fraternity was one of my best friends. Mitch Simmons, as Grand President. Mitch had the vision to rebuild the Central Office and I offered to help raise some money. With a lot of help from a lot of people, we did it!  Want to see something cool?  Go check out our renovated Central Office. It will make you proud.

So after 20 years of experience, I can offer the following advice about the Fraternity:

  1. Go toCongress.  It’s a game changer.
  2. Encourage someone to attend GCC, you will change their lives.
  3. Support the Fraternity. We are a great organization because of the incredible support and love of our members.
  4. Do something that matters. In other words, leave a mark / legacy.
  5. Find balance. Do not make Delta Sigma Pi your entire life.  If you do, eventually you will burn out and not have anything else.

Did I come back from this Congress inspired?  You bet, always do.

Will I go back to Congress?  Hope so, can’t wait to see my brothers again.

Never been to a Congress?   Well guess what, there is one coming up.  Seattle 2013.  Come and get your inspiration on!

Proud to be a Deltasig!

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  1. Janene Winton permalink
    August 31, 2011 3:00 pm

    Great article Eddie! Thanks for your dedication and service. You’re a very valuable asset to our Fraternity!

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