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What attracts pledges to Delta Sigma Pi?

September 8, 2011

By Heather Troyer, Director of Member Services

During a recent webinar presented by Cory Stopka and Jeremy Levine (if you missed it, check it out at Deltasig E-Learning), a participant asked “What do you think is the top characteristic of Delta Sigma Pi that attracts potential pledges?”

I believe there is not just one characteristic that sets Delta Sigma Pi apart from any other business organization on campus—it depends on each person’s introduction to the Fraternity.

My introduction to Deltasig was in the form of a welcome flyer on my dorm room door when I first arrived on campus. I was intrigued and went to the one of the first recruiting events with another business major from my floor. I liked that Delta Sigma Pi didn’t focus on one thing—it did it all: professional, service, scholastic and social events. I also liked that it was only for business school students, but was open to all business school students, so that you are exposed to all aspects of business. Additionally, the brothers truly seemed glad to meet me.

When I was finally accepted into membership and became involved with Delta Sigma Pi, I learned about even more wonderful benefits. I learned about the camaraderie of the brotherhood and the professionalism, career options and networking at chapter and national events. Serving as a chapter officer gave me experience in responsibility, time management, leadership and public speaking. Overall, I feel the skills and traits I learned through my Deltasig involvement have made me a better business person.

Here are a couple other characteristics of Delta Sigma Pi that attract pledges:

  • Delta Sigma Pi is a selective membership to students pursuing degrees in business and economics only. (Membership in similar groups is campus-wide, for example general clubs, social fraternities or to business minors).
  • Delta Sigma Pi includes all business and economics majors and is not specific to one major or department.
  • Delta Sigma Pi does not compete with other business department clubs, honor societies, local special interest groups or social Greeks.
  • Delta Sigma Pi has a network—over 235,000 members—of students and business professionals.
  • The Delta Sigma Pi Leadership Foundation awards more than $35,000 in academic scholarships annually to Deltasigs.
  • Delta Sigma Pi is a member of the Professional Fraternity Association, allowing for networking and leadership development among 40 other professional fraternities.
  • Delta Sigma Pi membership is for life and has alumni contacts in over 100 cities around the world.
  • Delta Sigma Pi conducts many events including professional, service, scholastic and social in which you can gain valuable experiences.

So what do you think is the top characteristic of Delta Sigma Pi?

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  1. John Smith permalink
    September 8, 2011 3:42 pm

    Are you sure that Alpha Kappa Psi is not included in the Professional Fraternity Association? It is listed here: and here:

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