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Meet the Staff: Kyle Rinderle

September 28, 2011

Name:  Kyle Rinderle

Job Title:  Educational and Leadership Consultant

School/Initiated Chapter:  Theta Lambda/Xavier

Hometown:  St. Henry, Ohio

Job Responsibilities:  An Educational & Leadership Consultant visits collegiate chapters throughout the academic year. In addition, responsibilities include chapter research, travel logistics, and pre- and post- visit communications. Consultants also develop resource materials for chapters, review chapter Bylaws and pledge programs, repair Fraternity regalia and more.

Favorite Part of Working at the Central Office:  The resources and history that surrounds me – from the Founders’ Room on the second floor to the old ritual books in the basement

Favorite Deltasig Experience:  Grand Chapter Congress 2011 in Louisville

Hobbies:  Running, reading, watching movies.

What would you do with $1 million? With a million dollars, I would purchase an existing construction company and take over the industry.

Place you would like to travel to most: Greece.  The old architecture and history of the area draws my attention.

Biggest fear? Snakes  – big, small – fake, real – doesn’t matter, keep them away from me.

Kyle (front right, white shirt) led a tour of the Central Office during GCC.

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