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What do I call a new brother?

November 1, 2011

Welcome back to Terminology Tuesday! Each Tuesday we will blog about some commonly misused terms within the Fraternity. It’s our hope that you take some time to read, laugh, smile, and then use the information to alter your word choices, and the choices of those around you.

With initiation season in full swing, you may wonder what to call your new brothers. Do they get a special name because they are newly initiated? Actually, whether a person has been a member for 30 seconds or 30 years, they are still called brother.  Members should not single out newer brothers using slang terms such as NIB (newly initiate brother), JI (just initiated) or “Shiny Pin”. You can refer to a new brother as newly initiated brother or say they were just initiated, but the abbreviations should not be used.

In addition, we do not refer to the process of installing or taking in new members as an induction. Honor fraternities usually use this term and in Delta Sigma Pi, the similar procedure is referred to as the Pledging Ceremony (being pledged) and Initiation (being initiated).

So next time you want to say congratulations to your new brothers after initiation, take a moment to think about how you are saying it.


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