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Five (FREE) Apps Every College Student Should Download

December 14, 2011

By: Kellyn Legath, Contributor to The Savvy Intern

1. iStudiez Lite

In 2009, iStudiez Lite received the Best App Ever Award in the Education category, from —and it’s easy to see why. This app is an all-in-one schedule, time management tool, and planner that helps manage your to-do lists. Best of all, this is not an “all work and no play” app, iStudiez allows you to enter your extracurricular activities, too.

Stay organized for your classes with iStudiez by entering details such as class description, professor’s name, office hours and phone number. Keeping track of your assignments has never been easier; iStudiez enables you to organize assignments by course, priority, or date due – no more last minute cram sessions (well, maybe). For $2.99, update from Lite to Pro for more options, alerts and organizing capability.

2. Bench Prep

What do nurses, teachers, lawyers and graduate students have in common? Answer: One large, comprehensive exam. Whether it’s the PRAXIS, BAR or GRE, Bench Prep’s easy-to-use app helps you prepare for exams with reviews and interactive perks such as flash cards, quizzes and tests. The app has test prep available for the following exams: GRE, GMAT, MCAT, LSAT, SAT, ACT and much, much more. From high school though grad school this app can help you prepare and ace the big exams.

3. Amazon Student

Most any college student can tell you that when buying textbooks, you can kiss your bank account goodbye. Many students know that buying used books online is a huge money saver, but are discouraged because of the hassle of searching for, shipping, and returning books.

Amazon Student makes this process easy. Walk into your student bookstore and, with your smartphone, scan the barcode of the books you need. The app will locate the book and display the best prices. Check out easily with your login information. When the semester is over, scan your books, print a free shipping label and return the books for a trade-in gift card that goes into your account as a fund for next semester’s books.

4. JobAware

This easy-to-use app allows you to search for available positions by keyword or company. By enabling location services on your iPhone, JobAware automatically finds jobs available locally, as well as shows a list of top cities for your search.

Once you find interesting positions, rank your selections: my dream job, second or third choice job. Next, review a checklist to easily research the company that posted the position you are applying to, create a resume and prepare for the interview—all of which are part of the “Learn” tab – one of the most beneficial features of this app. Finally, the “Discover” tab is one more way to search jobs, though either your iPhone contacts or by connecting though LinkedIn.

5. Interview Prep Questions (IPQ)

Before you begin applying to internships you better prepare yourself for the main event – the interview. But how will you succeed in interviews if you don’t practice? Here is where Interview Prep Questions come in – a question and answer app for the most commonly asked questions during an interview.

The app includes flashcards that pose potential interview questions. Once you “flip” the card you are presented with a short description of what details your answer should entail. For example: “Would you retire right now if you were set financially?” An immediate reaction to this question for some people might be “Ugh, yeah. Who wouldn’t?” IPQ gives you a more accurate way to answer this tricky question: “Be honest. If you’re working because you need the money (which is true of almost everyone), explain that this is the type of work you’d like to do”.

Other cool features: IPQ’s index allows you to easily review questions that you feel may stump you (such as “Describe a time…” or “Do you think…” questions) and allows questions for a quick and easy way to find the help you need.

Now that you know the most beneficial (and free!) resources made available in the palm of your hand, explore the App Store and find the best apps to help you learn and grow as a college student – both for today and for your future.

Editor’s Note: Deltasig has partnered with YouTern to showcase high-quality, mentor-based internships at entrepreneur-driven companies and non-profits – and the best career development blog in the business. YouTern is honored to support our goals in career development – and equally proud to donate a percentage of all proceeds to the Delta Sigma Pi Leadership Foundation.

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