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Meet the Staff: Shanda Gray

January 12, 2012

Name: Shanda Gray       

Job Title: Associate Executive Director of Delta Sigma Pi Fraternity; Executive Vice President of Leadership Foundation

School/Initiated Chapter: Missouri State/Kappa Omicron

Hometown: Blairstown/Clinton, Missouri

Job Responsibilities: Communications, fundraising, meeting planning, member and affinity relations, professional development

Favorite Part of Working at the Central Office:  The variety of the job – never getting bored because there is always so much going on be it planning and attending events, talking to members, fundraising, editing The DELTASIG or website, etc…

Favorite Deltasig Experience: Grand Chapter Congress still tops my list.  I remember my first GCC in 1991 in Washington DC where I learned what Deltasig was really about.  Each and every GCC since then holds fond memories and special moments – be it my own or watching others experience it for themselves.

Hobbies: Traveling the world, wine tasting, photography and reading fiction.

Favorite place to vacation.  Hawaii and California Wine Country are among the top contenders.

Place you would like to travel to most. I can’t pick just one, but top on the list is Antarctica to see penguins and then Africa and Asia, so I will have been to all continents.

Name one item on your bucket list. Seeing the pyramids in Egypt – and riding a camel while I’m there.

Family: Can’t get enough of my oh-so-cute nieces and nephews who range from 2-7!


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