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Spreading the word about Deltasig: Where to start?

January 25, 2012

By: Kristina Jakstas, Director of Campus Marketing for MyEdu

Whether you’re recruiting new members or promoting a specific chapter event, it’s important to know some easy, effective ways to spread the word about Delta Sigma Pi on campus. The beginning of a new term is always busy with campus events and new class schedules, meaning you’ll have even more opportunities to speak with new students.

Deltasig info sessions and professional events are the most prominent, organized way to branch out to prospective members. Chances are you’re required (or, highly encouraged) to attend these events to begin with, so go in prepared to speak articulately about your chapter, and always have a few talking points in mind. These talking points can be simple FAQ: “What is the mission of Delta Sigma Pi? What types of events and social activities are there? What is the time commitment?”. Don’t wait for newcomers to ask you the questions, but take initiative and strike up a few conversations.

Your networking and recruitment skills don’t need to be contained to these Deltasig-hosted events. Between classes, lectures, community service, and even social gatherings, you’re probably better connected on campus than you think. Know what upcoming events your chapter has, and invite your classmates and acquaintances. Set a goal for yourself to speak to at least one new person each week about Delta Sigma Pi. It’s easier than you think – even wearing your Delta Sigma Pi shirt to class can be a conversation starter.

Don’t forget about social media, either. Be proactive not only by tweeting and posting status updates about Delta Sigma Pi, but also by commenting on pages or groups and retweeting useful information. Remember that “Class of 2015” Facebook group you joined way back when? Post info about the next Deltasig info session on the group wall. See an interesting tweet from the Delta Sigma Pi national chapter? Retweet it – all of your followers will see the tweet, and it takes less than a second of your time.

One of the most important things to remember (both in person and on social media) is to always end your interactions with an action item. When speaking to students at an info session, give them instructions on how to apply to be a brother. For casual conversations in class, direct students to check out the Delta Sigma Pi Facebook page, or even keep a Deltasig flier in your backpack to hand out. On social media, post links to events or blog posts. This additional information opens the door for students to continue learning about Delta Sigma Pi and become more involved in the future. Good luck with your efforts!

Editor’s note: Delta Sigma Pi and MyEdu, an online academic tool, have partnered to provide chapter fundraising opportunities and internships. You can earn money for your chapter through the “Share the Love” program. Learn more today!

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