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SHOW EM’ployers you’re a T-I-G-E-R

March 14, 2012

By Shannon Smedstad, GEICO Social Media Lead

A good play on words is always fun! And, who doesn’t like a little career advice? Below are five ways that you can demonstrate to employers that you’re the person to hire. Whether it’s an entry-level or experienced position, recruiters and hiring managers are looking for talented individuals who are innovative, willing to go above and beyond, passionate and enthusiastic, and, quite frankly, ready to tackle each work day. Here’s T-I-G-E-R defined.


Before a company picks up the phone or sends an email, candidates have to clearly communicate that they meet the job requirements. Are you the talent they’ve been looking for? On paper, online or in person, you’ve got to communicate your knowledge, skills and abilities, and highlight your accomplishments. 


What sets companies apart from each other? The ability to innovate new products, ideas and services that meet market demands before consumers even know they want them. Innovation helps candidates stand out from each other, too. Job seekers who can creatively solve issues, roll out new programs that have bottom line impact, and implement “out of the box” ideas that add value are in a good position to attract employers.


Companies want candidates who are willing to work hard, and go above and beyond. It’s not just your ability to do what’s been asked of you, it’s also your proven ability to do well, and exceed goals and expectations. Outside of work, there are ways to demonstrate this attribute as well. Balancing work or school with club involvement, leadership roles, community service, published works, etc. are all ways to show that you’re a go-getter.


Managers are looking to hire people who want to work for their company. A positive attitude can go a long way throughout the interview process. Candidates who passionately talk about their experiences, have done their research on the company, and convey a sense of enthusiasm for the job make strong impressions on hiring managers.  


Are you going to show up to work — on time? Do you meet deadlines? Can you deliver on the promises you make? Hopefully you can answer “yes” to these questions. You could be the most talented, innovative, enthusiastic go-getter on the planet, but if you’re not reliable, you won’t last long. Being someone that others can count on is important to landing and keeping a job; don’t underestimate the importance of it.

So, there you have it. Show employers you’re a tiger. Makes me what to throw my arm up in the air and yell GRRREAT! This little mnemonic device can help you remember some of the aspects it takes to be a standout job candidate, but it’s not the silver bullet to securing a job offer. That’s all up to you. 

Interested in learning more about careers at GEICO?  Visit or connect with our Delta Sigma Pi liaison and GEICO national college recruiter, Jill Stover, on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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