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Join the Cause – 4/25 Drive!

April 25, 2012

Today – April 25 – is a great day for Delta Sigma Pi!  As we celebrate National Alumni Day, the Leadership Foundation also is hosting the second annual “4/25 Drive” – a 24-hour viral fundraising campaign.  This campaign encourages all Deltasigs to make a contribution to the Leadership Foundation in support of deserving brothers everywhere!  The Foundation’s goal is to have 1,000 brothers give at least $10. Just think, if every brother gave a gift, no matter what the size, the Foundation could easily reach its goal.

The 4/25 Drive serves as a reminder of the mission of Deltasig and how your contributions will make a difference. When you give to the Foundation:

  • He profits most who serves best. 

You probably didn’t get to where you are today without support from others. Whether it was a brother, friend or family member, someone was and will be there for you. Someone gave you a boost of confidence. Someone encouraged you. Someone lifted you back up when you needed it most. Giving to the Leadership Foundation will provide support to other brothers.

  •  Your contribution promotes the goals of like-minded individuals.

Each individual gift makes a big difference when combined with gifts from others who have the same mission. If every brother made a gift, we can increase the number of scholarships, fund more educational programs and so much more. Every gift — no matter the size — makes an impact.

  •  You contribute to the future of Delta Sigma Pi.

As we celebrate National Alumni Day, remember that Delta Sigma Pi isn’t just four years, it is for life. When you give to the Delta Sigma Pi Leadership Foundation, you’re supporting the talent and leaders essential to our future. Donating to the Leadership Foundation ensures the same (or even better) Deltasig experience for the next generation.

Whether you’re a collegiate or an alumni, every gift is needed and you can help us. Deltasig can only accomplish its work with the help and support of brothers, parents, and friends around the world. Give to the Leadership Foundation today and see a new generation start growing tomorrow.

Join me in giving today and help the Leadership Foundation meet – or even exceed – our goal for the 4/25 Drive!


Brandon Trease

Leadership Foundation Chairman & President

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