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Valuable Websites for Students

May 2, 2012

by Meredith McBride, Nevada-Reno

With graduation almost a month away, I want to share a few of my favorite (mostly free) websites and tools for presentations and résumé design. Expanding your internet usage beyond Facebook, there are actually a lot of valuable sites designed for students. I’ve spent a good amount of time the last several years looking through some of the most popular sites to find ones that I believe are particularly valuable.


This free website allows more range of motion than PowerPoint does. Videos and pictures are extremely easy to embed. The ability to zoom in and out allows for more creativity than the slide to slide transition we are used to. In order to become proficient at Prezi, set aside a few hours to play around with all the tools, as well as to watch the free tutorial videos on the site. Some of the presentations are incredibly creative!


This site is great for creating professional looking graphs and other visuals for presentations. Making flow charts is much easier on the site than using a program like paint or word, and you have more options, all that is required is Adobe Flash. This site also caters to a younger crowd and you can even create web page mock ups. The demo version of this site offers enough tools to get good use out of. Creately also allows for you to share your work with friends, much like I love the idea of using this site to create a really professional graph for use on your résumé or curriculum vitae.


Click here for some visual résumé ideas

This site is the best one I’ve found in terms of professional looking résumés. Some majors, such as web design or marketing are able to utilize a little more creativity in designing their résumé. For the rest of us, we have limited options to set ourselves apart. The above page has some awesome visual résumé ideas that still look polished and professional.


As a finance major, I may be biased towards financial sites, but is an excellent choice for comparing financial data and creating graphs to use for presentations. It is extremely user friendly, and even without upgrading to ‘pro,’ provides enough tools for a thorough financial analysis. Simply type in your ticker and hit ‘Interactive Charts’. If you are a more serious investor,upgrades to pro start at $11.96/month.


Just in case you didn’t like any of the sites above.

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