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Get Recognized!

May 16, 2012

by Cory Stopka, Educational & Leadership Consultant

Summer’s (almost) here! That means many things for Deltasigs across the country. Graduation, relaxation, summer class, internships, vacations, jobs or a combination of those and more.

This time of the year also means that we need to wrap-up items for CMP, transitions, strategic planning, pledge programs and, the subject of this post, chapter awards.

Awards are a wonderful way for your chapter to be recognized for your efforts, contributions and successes throughout the year. And, of course, a friendly competition with other chapters in your region, province and across the country.

Here are some tips and resources for you to consider when applying for awards:

  • Start early. Awards are due June 1st. Make sure to compile information throughout the entire year from officers and ask for recommendation letters early. You can save the information without submitting.
  • Utilize all resources. There’s no shortage of resources including, email, utilize the Awards and Recognition Manual, view our webinar presented by National Chair Corie Schilberg, contact past winners, Tweet us (@DeltaSigmaPi) or call the Central Office staff.
  • Apply. You can’t win if you don’t apply. Make sure to have a goal at the beginning of the year about what you plan on applying for.
  • Review goals and recap progress. Make sure to talk about the process of your success rather than just the results. Tell your story.
  • Be concise and detailed. Many chapters apply for awards with committees at the regional, provincial and national level having to read many applications. Tell your story by focusing on those most important details.
  • Emphasize impact. Who benefits from your success? Mention the positive impact of your accomplishments in regards to Deltasigs, your university and the surrounding community.
  • What makes you different? Make your application stand out and get noticed by showing why your operations were better than the rest. Be unique in your events and operations.
  • Follow the guidelines. No matter how unique your events were all requirements need to be followed to be considered for the awards. Review each requirement carefully before submitting.
  • Submit. Applications are only considered if you submit them. Click submit!

Awards are a great showcase item for chapters on many levels especially chapter morale for all those involved. The university will recognize the benefit Deltasigs have on campus which may translate to future recruits.

Go apply!

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