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Apply for One of Many Leadership Foundation Scholarships

June 5, 2012

Welcome back to Terminology Tuesday! Each Tuesday we will blog about some commonly misunderstood terms within the Fraternity. It’s our hope that you will take the time to read and then share this information with others.

One of the primary goals of the Delta Sigma Pi Leadership Foundation is to provide scholarships to members. Currently, the Foundation awards more than $35,000 in academic scholarships annually to Deltasigs with awards ranging from approximately $250 to upwards of $3000 per scholarship.  Applications and accompanying documents for all scholarships are due before June 15 11:59 PM EST.

Apply for one or more of the following scholarships provided by the Delta Sigma Pi Leadership Foundation!

  • General Undergraduate Scholarships
  • Graduate Study Fellowships
  • Chicago Alumni Chapter H. G. “Gig” Wright Graduate Fellowship

The following scholarships are restricted to members belonging to specific chapters, regions or areas.  Please check the Scholarship website for complete details.

North Central Province Scholarships

Alpha Delta Chapter/Lincoln-Greater Nebraska Scholarship

Central Region – Jeffrey L. Philippi (Victor A. Tabor) Scholarship

Chicago Alumni Chapter – Thomas M. Mocella Scholarship

Kappa Upsilon Chapter – Ann Marie Janes Memorial Scholarship

North Central Province Scholarship

Northeastern Province Scholarships

Alpha Theta Chapter Scholarship

Mu Tau – Brian Bell Scholarship

New England Chapters/Francis and Margaret Steinkrauss Scholarship

Nu Sigma Chapter Scholarship

South Central Province Scholarships

Beta Psi Chapter – R. Alan Ferrington (Victor A. Tabor) Scholarship

Beta Psi Chapter- Joey Robinson and David Gloer Scholarship

Eta Psi/Thomas W. Tanner (Victor A. Tabor) Scholarship

Gulf South Region – Frank M. Busch (Victor A. Tabor) Scholarship

Gulf Western Region (Victor A. Tabor) Scholarship

Gulf Western Region/Space City Houston Alumni Scholarship

Iota Nu Chapter Scholarship

St Louis Alumni Chapter/Stephanie DeGuire Memorial Scholarship

Southern Province Scholarships

Alfred Moroni/Epsilon Psi Scholarship

Beta Gamma Chapter Scholarship

Dr. Philip H. Turnquist Southern Province Scholarship

Georgia/Southeastern Region – Bob and Dorothy Busse Scholarship

Kappa Chapter/Daniel E. Plaster Scholarship

Tampa Bay Area Scholarship

Western Province Scholarships

Denver Alumni Chapter Scholarship

Epsilon Phi/H. Nicholas Windeshausen Scholarship

John D. Richardson/Gamma Omega Chapter

Skip and Lois Loomis Western Province Scholarship

South Pacific Region Scholarship

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