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Meet the Staff: Meggan Ratterman

June 13, 2012

Name: Meggan Ratterman

Job Title: Membership Services Coordinator

School: Ball State

Hometown: Oxford, OH

Job Responsibilities: Work with the Leadership Foundation for donor mailings and scholarships, prepare for LEAD Schools and Provincial Conferences.

Favorite Part of Working at the Central Office: I like the people I work with. I also really like to work with the scholarships.

Favorite Deltasig Experience: There are so many people I communicate with regularly via email and phone calls and it’s fun to finally meet them face to face.

Hobbies: Theatre

Name one material item you cannot live without: Sadly, it’s become my phone. It’s the link to my child when we’re not together, it’s my camera, social networking/entertainment, gaming unit and it houses all of the ways I can communicate with those I need to (except for the face to face option).

Favorite place to vacation: I love being near the ocean.

Name one item on your bucket list: There are so many places I want to travel—much of the USA, parts of Europe I didn’t get to before, go broke on Broadway…

Family: 5-year-old daughter

Favorite Sports Team: Ball State Cardinals

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