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Being a Succesful Chapter: 4 Topics to Keep in Mind During Summer Planning.

July 4, 2012

By Cory Stopka, Educational and Leadership Consultant

There are many aspects to being a successful chapter. Let’s focus on some dedicated topics here that you can think about this summer while planning for next semester. For more ideas make sure to check out our Collegiate Resources and E-Learning pages.

1. Start with yourself.

Know your role as an officer or chapter member. Read your officer packet for duties and responsibilities. Understanding yourself as a person and leader is critical before helping others develop themselves.

Trust is earned, not given. Lead by example by holding yourself accountable. Meet deadlines for events and other goals. Note items for CMP and University policies.

2. Involve Others.

Delta Sigma Pi is a volunteer organization. Recognize that and seek to know why others have joined and give purpose individually and collectively.

If you’re an officer identify those who can take your place when you graduate through succession planning. Ensure you complete individual and group transitions that your DD and RVP attend.

Each person’s actions affect another. Look to coordinate events with other organizations or find a new purpose for events already conducted. If you’re hosting a professional speaker, look to co-host with another organization and charge admission of a canned food item to donate to the local food shelf. Make sure to have a balance of events that include great professional development and community service while allowing time for brotherhood.

Every chapter has its own identity. Embrace those differences and diversity rather than trying to battle them. Culture is a strong influence so look to understand and develop that in a positive way.  Developing an identity on campus can show group focus and coordination.

3. Communicate.

Once roles have been identified for all, make sure to communicate expectations during meetings so that each person understands his/her role and how that affects the chapter. Communication starts during recruitment and the pledge process while permeating through chapter brothers. Constantly re-evaluate the goals that were set earlier to show progress and willingness to adapt.

Allow people to let their natural talents shine. Provide committee opportunities for new brothers. Look to keep successful operations while infusing new ideas. Help operations by documenting items in Chapter Policy and Procedure Manual and Bylaws.

Networking can be used as a platform for discussing Fraternity operations. Attend national events (registration is open!), utilize our various forms of social media and make sure to invite your faculty to events or initiate them. Utilize your volunteer leaders and Central Office staff.

4. Show Recognition

A banquet at the end of each semester that has awards presented to those who have made positive impacts is a way to show appreciation and give recognition. Make sure to apply for chapter awards each year to show your success to help develop a positive culture leading to improved recruitment and operations.

The key is to always be communicating and clarifying expectations for individuals and the group. Look towards the future by making positive impacts on those around you today.

How has your chapter become successful?

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