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Accredited, Recognition, Excellence

July 10, 2012

Welcome back to Terminology Tuesday! Each Tuesday we will blog about some commonly misunderstood terms within the Fraternity. It’s our hope that you will take the time to read and then share this information with others.

The Chapter Management Program, a web-based program, is the method of formal communication between collegiate chapters and the national Fraternity.  The program is divided into three achievement levels representing basic operational requirements in recruitment, membership, finances, professional and service programs, and leadership development for collegiate chapters during an academic year. These sections reflect the practice of essential business principles and operations expected of each chapter as part of our professional business Fraternity, as well as the professional and leadership development opportunities for each member.

An Accredited Chapter is a chapter that is operationally sound.  It functions within all the guidelines of the national Fraternity.   A chapter can be an Accredited Chapter by turning in 100% of all forms in the first tier with at least 95% of those items approved (correctly completed and submitted on time).

A Chapter of Recognition is a chapter that is operationally sound and has a well-rounded program that focuses on Alumni, Faculty, and New Brothers.  A chapter can be a Chapter of Recognition by achieving Accredited Chapter plus completing the requirements for the second tier.

A Chapter of Excellence is a chapter that is operationally sound with a well-rounded program that focuses on larger scale events and national Fraternity promotion.  A chapter can be a Chapter of Excellence by achieving Accredited Chapter and Chapter of Recognition and also completing the requirements for the third tier.

The best way to achieve the different tiers is to decide as a chapter or an executive committee which level you want to strive for and then set it as a chapter goal for the following year.   Submit forms throughout the year to achieve your goal and keep the chapter regularly updated by sharing your progress report at chapter meetings.  The chapter does not need to complete all Accredited Chapter requirements in order to be able to submit items for the other tiers.  This means the chapter should go ahead and submit items for Chapter of Recognition and Chapter of Excellence throughout the year even if it will not reach a higher level.   Take the philosophy of always submitting something for every event and you will easily obtain your goal.

For more information you can reference the Chapter Management Program POLICY.

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