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Meet the Staff: Jeanna Tipton

July 11, 2012

Name: Jeanna Tipton    

Job Title: Director of Finance and Administration

Initiated Chapter: Cincinnati Alumni Chapter

Hometown: Cincinnati, OH

Job Responsibilities: Accounting Administrator, Taxes, Fraternity Insurance Program, Personnel & Benefits Administration.

Favorite Part of Working at the Central Office: Working with the brothers on a daily basis then getting to meet them at events to put a face with a name and voice.

Favorite Deltasig Experience: My first LEAD School event and everyone made me feel very welcome—like I was a brother even though I wasn’t one yet.

Hobbies: Crafts of all sorts, reading, fishing,

What would you do with $1 million? Pay all my bills then give a percentage to Leadership Foundation, Susan B. Komen Foundation and the Heart Association.

Favorite place to vacation: Gatlinburg, TN

Family/Pets: Married, Rob, two sons, Andrew and Ron, grandson, AJ, two cats, Austin and Taz, and the best dog in the world Buddy Jack.

Favorite Sports Team: Cincinnati Bengals

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