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Summer is upon us…

July 18, 2012

Summer is here and that means it’s the perfect time to vacation at the beach, work on your tan and revel in the lack of responsibility and studying that is your life right now, right? But wait! There are so many things that you could do during this “downtime” to develop your skills and make yourself an even more marketable candidate to potential employers. Here are a few easy ideas … that will still leave you time to slather on the SPF and make great memories with friends!

  • Gain experience during your internship or part-time job – This is an obvious one, but even if you weren’t able to land an internship, make the most of your summer job by building your professional network, job shadowing and learning all that you can. Ask for extra projects or to attend management meetings. Think about the transferable skills you will gain, as well as the people you’ll meet and how they might assist you when you’re back on campus in the fall.
  • Pack your bag with knowledge– Instead of reading the latest gossip mag on the beach this summer, find a book or two that will advance your business acumen or improve your leadership skills. Read about a successful entrepreneur or study up on how to conduct a successful job search.
  • Get to know your career center – Take advantage of the downtime that both you and your school’s career center get to enjoy over the summer months.  Set up time to get to know key players on campus in the career center, alumni center or community outreach division. Learn more about the resources, books, assessments and opportunities they offer and begin to plan ways to get involved in the fall.
  • Develop your online presence– Build your social networks on LinkedIn, BranchOut and other professional networking sites.  Follow companies and business leaders on Twitter. Join in on relevant business discussions on sites like Brazen Careerist or Careerealism and develop relationships with leaders in those groups.
  • Network with family and friends– Heading to the family reunion at your dad’s 3rd cousin’s uncle’s farm? Make the most of the time to network and talk to family and friends about their careers, advice they might have and things you’re interested in. You might be surprised by what you find.  Who knew Uncle Bob was such a successful entrepreneur?!
  • Volunteer and give back– You’re an accounting major? Offer to help a local nonprofit with bookkeeping. More of a marketing guru? Help the local food bank by putting together a new promotional campaign. Put your skills and experience to use while giving back to your community and you’ll build your resume along the way.

Summer will fly by and you’ll be back on campus before you know it. Find time to work in a few of the above ideas and you’ll come back relaxed, rejuvenated and even more ready for hire! Interested in learning more about careers at GEICO? Visit or connect with our Delta Sigma Pi liaison and GEICO national college recruiter, Jill Stover, on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Mentions of 3rd party sites or resources do not constitute a recommendation by the author or GEICO. They are for informational purposes only.

By Jill Stover, GEICO National College Recruiter

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