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Parliamentary Procedure

July 25, 2012

Parliamentary Procedure is a tool to allow a group to efficiently accomplish tasks and establish a clear order of operations.

Delta Sigma Pi is assisted by Parliamentary Procedure at every level including our Board of Directors meetings. Parli Pro – as you may hear used as a shorter version – is widely used by organizations and companies everywhere.

The purpose and benefits of Parli Pro include:

  • Structure is given to meetings with the use of agendas. Every Deltasig meeting needs to include a preset agenda of standing rules, reports, business, voting and minutes.
  • Effective Meetings aided by Robert’s Rules of Order provides the meeting chair (i.e. Chancellor in chapter meetings) with an effective and efficient way to run meetings.
  • Allows discussion to give all members in good standing a voice which fosters growth and positive change. Procedures for discussing motions, amendments and specific topics are clearly outlined.
  • Decision making is facilitated through voting. Depending on the situation you may use voice, rising count, secret ballot, or roll call to vote.

Parliamentary Procedure can be complex, but here are numerous resources to help you understand this important and necessary tool:

By: Cory Stopka

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