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Faculty Relations

August 1, 2012

By: Cory Stopka, Educational and Leadership Consultant

Faculty are an integral part to our collegiate careers from a personal, professional and Fraternal standpoint.

Following are some helpful hints to foster your relationship with faculty on your campus with a Deltasig focus.

Establish the Fraternity and yourself by doing the following:

  • Talk. Participate in class with discussions and meet during office hours to discuss class-related topics with an application to the operations of Delta Sigma Pi. This allows them to recognize the importance of a student organization such as ours. This helps build a personal rapport.
  • Be a Leader. Talking only gets you so far. Humbly take on leadership roles during group projects and deliver quality results. This will establish yourself and the Fraternity as leaders.
  • Wear the Letters. While you’re discussing course topics and showing your leadership in class projects – be a marketer and wear our letters and badge. Or even dress up every few weeks!

Include faculty in Deltasig activities in the following ways:

  • Extend an Invite. Maintain your relationship by asking them to participate in your chapter events as a guest or as a participant. This shows you genuinely care to create an inclusive environment.
  • Initiate them. If faculty show an interest in Deltasig thus far and a mutual benefit becomes apparent, make a chapter decision to initiate one or more faculty members each year.

After you and the chapter have built and maintained relationships with faculty there are two things left to do:

  • Show Appreciation. Give them personalized thanks to grow the relationship. This could mean thank you cards for attending events, appreciation certificates for being a professional speaker, a Deltasig etched coffee mug or embroidered polo as a gift, or hosting a faculty appreciation breakfast in the lounge. The key here is to be personal and direct with multiple brothers showing appreciation.
  • Reap the Rewards. Personally you will have a sense of accomplishment and included in a circle of trust with faculty. Professionally you will have shown you are capable at performing at a high level in multiple ways which will open doors for you in your career. Fraternally, you will have grown your Brotherhood (ask to talk in classes to gain new members early in the semester) and created a brand for Deltasigs by showing you are committed to a strong campus community.

Faculty can be a key factor in your success while in college. Proactively include faculty in our Brotherhood to build your brand along with Delta Sigma Pi’s.

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