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Benefits of Being in a Student Organization

August 22, 2012

Every fall, student organization members set up tables, hand out fliers, talk to you about their group during classes and offer free food in an attempt to get you to join their student group. You might pass them up or not pay them any attention, but joining a student organization, whether social, professional, recreational or service, can be extremely beneficial.

One of the biggest benefits of joining student organizations is the opportunity to make friends. No matter how large or small of a school you attend, joining student organizations will allow you to meet people you may not meet otherwise, and therefore create friendships based on similar interests. Organizations are formed for many reasons and based on many interests. Whatever you have an interest in or a passion for, you’ll be able to find a group for you.

Another benefit of joining student organizations? Networking opportunities! Organizations not only help you network with your peers, but also with alumni and employers. By connecting with alumni, you can learn a lot about the college experience, as well as about life after college. Alumni are valuable resources when it comes to deciding what to do after you graduate, whether it’s finding a job or applying for grad school. And if you are a member of a professional organization, you’ll also have the opportunity to network with companies and employers who are looking to hire students with your educational and organizational background. When hiring recent grads, employers often look for students who were involved and active on campus.

Let’s be honest: school can be stressful. After a day filled with classes, quizzes, and projects, all you’ll want to do is unwind and de-stress. Student organizations are a great outlet for stress. Whether recreational, social, or academic, being around fellow students in a non-classroom setting is a great, and productive, way to relax. So keep in mind that even though student groups take up time and require involvement, participating can actually help you unwind and have fun.

Finding an organization that suits your interests will provide a lot of benefits and help you socially, academically, and professionally. So this fall, when you see those tables up in your student union, don’t pass up the opportunity to enrich your college experience.

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