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Buck$ 4 Brotherhood

November 7, 2012

Dear Brothers,

I am a firm supporter of the Leadership Foundation and especially Buck$ 4 Brotherhood. When I was in college, donating to the Leadership Foundation seemed out of my reach. However, with Buck$ 4 Brotherhood, you can join with your chapter to make a difference. By each member only donating a dollar, your chapter can submit a chapter gift and become a Legacy Chapter.You can help support the endeavors of the Leadership Foundation, including scholarships and reducing LEAD registrations through grants.

As the Western PVP I do all that I can to support Buck$ 4 Brotherhood. I’ve created fun programing at LEAD Schools to reward those that become Legacy Chapters and raffle off a free LEAD School registration among all the participating chapters. As a brother, you can take on the same commitment and create fun ways to collect a dollar from every brother in your chapter. In turn, you and your chapter will know that you are making a difference.

The donations your chapter makes to the Leadership Foundation return to you in a variety of programs, including the Collegian of the Year and the professional speakers at LEAD events. So at your next chapter meeting, pass the hat around and become a Legacy Chapter. As brothers, we are all in this together.


Lisa Brown, Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo

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