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Introducing Gradspring!

November 29, 2012

According to the Associated Press, one in two recent college graduates is unemployed or underemployed. By partnering with Gradspring, Delta Sigma Pi is working to ensure that its members do not suffer a similar fate.

Gradspring is a career resource for college seniors and recent graduates that exclusively features entry-level career opportunities.  All jobs on Gradspring are reviewed by Gradspring to ensure they meet our strict quality criteria:

  • Require 0-2 years’ experience
  • Require at least a bachelor’s degree
  • Salary is commensurate with industry standards.

Gradspring also filters out the junk jobs that flood the free sites.  Gradspring does not post multi-level marketing, work-from-home, commission only, or pay-to-work jobs.

In addition to being home to the largest selection of true entry-level job opportunities on the web, Gradspring offers its members access to a bundle of services and content intended to assist new graduates in their transition from student to working professional.

Job seekers can:

  • Search jobs by location, major, and keywords
  • Apply to jobs
  • Follow recruiters to get jobs as soon as they post them
  • Create a custom profile
  • Access custom content and advice
  • Receive professional resume help
  • Host a video resume

Here’s the best part: Delta Sigma Pi members are eligible for deep discounts on Gradspring’s premium membership.
Our members can access this discount by visiting:

*Note: The six month premium membership plan comes with a Job Guarantee. This means that if by the end of your six month subscription you have not been placed in a position, the next six months are on us. (Your membership will be extended another six months at no charge, and we will offer one-on-one career counseling and additional resume help).

Membership Term

Delta Sigma Pi Rate

Standard Rate

1 Month $26.25 $35.00
3 Months $56.25 $75.00
6 Months $93.75 $125.00

Start your job search today!

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