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Brother Bob Busse received Diamond Helmet Award

November 30, 2012

PGP Bob Busse has been a grand influence on the Fraternity and many individual brothers alike. On November 10, Brother Busse was honored with the Order of Diamond Helmet during a special presentation at the Dallas LEAD School. GP Mark Chiacchiari and PGP Mitch Simmons spoke of Bob’s 75 years of service to Delta Sigma Pi at a luncheon with nearly 450 Deltasigs in attendance. Below are some highlights and stories that PGP Mitch Simmons shared with attendees:

“One of my earliest recollections of Bob was his umpiring the softball game between collegiate and alumni members at the annual Atlanta Alumni Chapter Barbeque.  Most of the time, he wore his official umpiring uniform:  a Deltasig golf shirt and his famous purple slacksAs I recall, he always saw to it that the alumni won…!”

“Bob was often asked to lead the singing of Rose of Deltasig.  The Atlanta Alumni Chapter regularly asked him to do this after their Founders’ Day celebrations. I also asked him to do the same, as did my predecessors, at Southeastern Regional Conferences when he attended, and he led it for me at a few Provincial Conferences held in Atlanta.”

“One special connection Bob and I share is in regard to the Central Office in Oxford.  Bob was Grand President from 1953-1955, and led the Board of Directors in selecting Oxford, Ohio, and Miami University as the location for building of the new Central Office, which was completed in 1956.   As many of you know, I worked there from 1985-87, and during my term as Grand President from 2005-2009, we undertook the complete renovation of the Central Office.  Bob and I both are very proud of these accomplishments.”

“Bob Busse has achieved much, but he still has goals.  A few years ago I recall him telling me that his goals were to see Delta Sigma Pi reach 100 years old, Rotary International reach 100 years old, the Atlanta Rotary Club reach 100 years old and for himself to reach 100 years old! Well, several of those milestones have been reached!”

After the presentation, Brother Busse offered remarks to the crowd, followed by thunderous applause and then led the group in singing the Rose of Deltasig. An autograph and photo session followed with dozens lined up to meet this legendary brother!

PGP Mitch Simmons, PGP Bob Busse and GP Mark Chiacchiari on November 10, 2012 at Dallas LEAD.

PGP Mitch Simmons, PGP Bob Busse and GP Mark Chiacchiari on November 10, 2012 at Dallas LEAD.

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