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Match Central Office Staff to their Duties

December 13, 2012

Can you match the staff member to their appropriate duties?  Come back tomorrow for the answers!

Duties Staff Member
1. Preparing of Reports and Correspondence for Executive Director; and Jewelry, Merchandise, and Supply Orders A. Executive Director:

Bill Schilling

2. Insurance Program, Personnel & Benefits Administration B. Associate Executive Director; Executive Vice President of Leadership Foundation:

Shanda R. Gray

3. Chapter Management Program, Regalia, Alumni Chapter Franchising, Scholarship Keys, Helmet Awards, Archives, Fraternity Communications including Publications and Manuals, E-Learning C. Director of Chapter and Expansion Services:

Dale M. Clark

4. Fraternity Legislation, Board of Directors, Grand Chapter Congress Planning, Affinity Programs, Personnel and Legal Matters, Leadership Foundation D. Director of Finance & Administration:

Jeanna Tipton

5. Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Chapter Dues, Initiation Fees, Chapter Supply Orders, Jewelry, Merchandise and Supply Orders E. Director of Member Services:

Heather Troyer

6. Collegiate Awards, Chapter Consultation Program (collegiate activities, CMP, membership, finances, and campus visits), Disciplinary Procedures, Expansion and Reactivations (colony development and support), Qualified Degree Programs F. Director of Information and Operational Services:

Jeremy Levine

7. Preparing of reports and correspondence for the Associate Executive Director and Leadership Foundation activities G. Educational & Leadership Consultants:

Cory Stopka and Kyle Rinderle

8. Address Changes, Membership Information Updates, Chapter Officer Update processing, Database Reports, Regalia and Trial Packet Processing H. Administrative Assistant – Accounting:

Cheryl Campbell

9. Leadership Foundation Oversight and Management, The DELTASIG Magazine, LEAD and other training and Education Programs, Print and Web Publications, Conference Planning and Execution I. Administrative Assistant to the Executive Director:

Janet Morgan

10. Affinity Partners, Chapter Management Program, Chapter Consulting, Technology Management, Member Database Management J. Membership Services Coordinator:

Cindy Rathburn

11. Chapter Operations and Chapter Visits K. Membership Services Coordinator:

Meggan Ratterman

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