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December 17, 2012

Each week we will blog about a relevant Deltasig resource that corresponds with Fraternity events, deadlines or Deltasig monthly blog themes. It’s our hope that you read these resources and find them helpful.

This week we wanted to share some information from the Delta Sigma Pi Traditions Handout.

Tradition- a belief, custom, or practice passed down by our family, used in social settings, in religious denominations, in government or societies, or with educational honors. Most often used to commemorate an occasion, share gratitude, or provide historical reference. Examples include greeting cards, holiday customs, acts of worship, occasions with food, gifts, patriotic events, memorials, birthday celebrations, graduations, weddings, etc. and use of flowers, table linens, candles, money, music, flags, jewelry, photos, decorations, family heirlooms, or other symbols and mementos.


  • Annual chapter scrapbooks, photo albums, yearbooks
  • Passing a jeweled president’s badge down during officer transition
  • Annual Founders’ Day or Chapter birthday banquet or other event
  • Token of appreciation (small gifts) to outgoing officers as part of transition
  • Wearing of purple/gold graduation cords at commencement
  • Giving graduation cords to chapter graduates in good standing
  • Weekly designated days for wearing letters or professional dress
  • Member awards (brother of the year, officer’s choice award, perfect attendance, superlatives); annually apply for national awards
  • Contribution to the Leadership Foundation in honor of Brother of the Year, Chapter Advisor, or other leadership individual
  • Use of flowers or mementos for graduating senior ceremony or memorial service
  • Annual photo composites
  • Annual alumni reunion, alumni reception
  • Officers signing ritual books or Robert’s Rules of Order before passing down to new officers; use of guest books at recruiting, banquets, public events
  • Annual ‘welcome back’ themed event, annual summer event
  • Chapter gift/recognition to all new initiates (flowers on initiation day, candy, donation to Leadership Foundation in their name)
  • Care package sent to chapter members temporarily away (study abroad, interns, military)
  • Always conducting the officer installation ceremony, passing of the gavel to new chancellor
  • Recurring/annual event (fundraising, social, professional, philanthropy)
  • Annual field trip by majority of the chapter (business tours, LEAD events)
  • Red Roses distributed on Founders’ Day (on faculty desks, library, student activity office, notable alumni)
  • Signing birthday cards for members, monthly birthday cake
  • Thank you notes to faculty, alumni donors, chapter speakers, etc.
  • General expectation of excellence; actions that build goodwill

Tradition to avoid:

  • Any that involve pledges
  • Any that focus on alcohol
  • Any that involve scavenger hunts, searches, or clues
  • Anything that may create a negative public image of violates the Risk Management, Insurance and Conduct Policy or any university policy

What are your chapter traditions?

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