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Fun Fact Friday– The First Organizational Meeting

January 18, 2013

January 22, 1914 was our first Organizational Meeting. Below is a sample of the minutes from that meeting. Prior to the chartering of Beta Chapter, a meeting was held by the New York members of Delta Sigma Pi in January of 1914 to form the national organization. This meeting was referred to as the Organizational Meeting and pertained to national administrative matters. In addition, the first national officers were elected, Walter N. Dean was elected president and Henry C. Cox was elected secretary-treasurer. This meeting was called the Congress of Chapters, an event which is known today as the Grand Chapter Congress. At this Congress of Chapters, two undergraduate chapters were represented; however, a group of alumni was also present. At this early date, Delta Sigma Pi had an alumni organization which was called a “graduate chapter,” but by 1917 this name was changed to an alumni chapter, a term the Fraternity used until about 1920 when the alumni chapters were called “alumni clubs.” The designation “alumni chapter” was reinstated in 1982.

Organizational Meeting 2 (Not on Board)

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