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Fun Fact Friday: Board Meeting Minutes in Seconds

January 25, 2013

January 18 and 19 the Board of Directors met in Oxford, Ohio to discuss matters related to the future of the Fraternity. Below are highlights from last weekend.


  • Offered “receivership” West Alabama and Johns Hopkins (pending selection of receiver.)
  • Late initiation fees will be charged 14 days after initiation vs. 21 days commencing July 1, 2013 to align CMP and policy deadlines.
  • Executive Director given authority to approve special jeweled badge orders to comply with bylaws surrounding such orders
  • Established a curriculum review task group to examine educational programs for any potential grant funding.  Qualification criteria to be developed for future vetting of such programs.
  • Better defined the role and duties of alumni chapter executive committees to align more closely with the established practice within collegiate chapters.
  • Approved hiring a second investment firm (Florida-based AHL Investment Management) to manage a portion of Fraternity assets.
  • Increased the cost level to expense capital purchases from $1,000 to $2,500 (at suggestion of our auditors).
  • Approved 2013-2014 operating and special projects budgets with no change to any current dues or fees.
  • Changed date interest begins to be charged on balances due to the National Fraternity from 60 to 30 days to better align with common practice; effective 7/1/2013.
  • Created an alumni chapter recognition program to incent alumni chapters to align with suggested best practices and operational goals.  The new program is similar to the tiers in CMP for collegiate chapters.
  • Redefined “member” for alumni chapters to include a membership application and paying applicable alumni chapter dues, effective for 2013-2014 franchising efforts.
  • Defeated a proposal to narrow the residency requirements for alumni chapter officers.
  • Selected the 2013 National Collegian of the Year and 2013 Lifetime Achievement Award Honoree.
  • Approved the addition of a test question to the Pledge Manual: “What is a Fraternity event?”.
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