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Fundraising For the Novice

February 6, 2013

Have you ever had a fundraiser where you spent more money than you made? Or are you struggling to come up with a creative fundraising idea? We have compiled a list of ideas with descriptions to start you off on the right track. Remember to start planning early and reach out to other organizations and school leadership for help!

Bake-off Bake Sale: A simple twist on a traditional bake sale that encourages people to bake their best. For every purchase made, the buyer gets an additional vote. Grand prize: make it something baking related, i.e. a spatula and apron or baking supplies.

Trivia Night: Teams pay a fee to enter, but you should sell food if the location allows. Sample categories: Campus History, Chart Toppers, Academy Award Winners, etc. Play in rounds and be sure to have the right answers!

Hugs and Kisses: Just in time for Valentine’s Day! Repackage Hershey’s hugs and kisses (or any Valentine’s Day candy) into smaller bags to be sold. The candy should be available at a booth or for delivery. Be sure to include the option of writing a note and messages from secret admirers!

Garage Sale: Pool together old clothes, shoes and textbooks for a sale on-campus!

Host a 5k Run: Why is this a great fundraiser? The attendees do all the work! Sell t-shirts and offer prizes to the top male and female finishers! Contact your university’s running club or rec center to be partners!

Partner with a Restaurant: Many restaurants on college campuses will offer student organizations a percentages of tips or sales on a specific night. Ask around for the highest offer! Hint: It will most likely be on a weeknight, but encourage all members to go!

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