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Ritual Chair Best Practices

March 8, 2013

All week long we’ve blogged about Ritual. We blogged about it how it connects you to your brothers and can mean you to you whatever you need it to mean. Now we’d like to provide tips on how to make Ritual the best it can be.

Ritual Chair Best Practices

  1. Do a Ritual inventory by reading each ceremony and assuring that you have the necessary materials and all the needed Ritual books.
  2. Secure a location for each ceremony that will accommodate the entire chapter.  Be sure to inform the entire chapter of the location/time/date/dress code/etc. as soon as possible.
  3. Take your job seriously!  Other members will follow your lead.  Respecting Ritual will become contagious within the chapter.
  4. Make sure any and all activities planned before and after a Ritual service are appropriate for the same day/night as the ceremony.
  5. Practice!  Practice doesn’t make perfect – perfect practice makes perfect.
  6. Prepare for any questions that may arise due to the Ritual.
  7. Invite alumni to attend.
  8. Let initiated chapter members know they can borrow Ritual books to read if they wish.
  9. Ask questions when needed!
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