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Meet the Staff: Cindy Rathburn

March 13, 2013

Welcome to the newest edition of Meet the Staff! This time around the Central Office staff will be writing a little about themselves and we hope you enjoy the posts and find something in common with the staff! Don’t forget to “like” the blogs and write comments!

Membership Services Coordinator, Cindy Rathburn, answered the following question: What is something most people don’t know about you?

I am a survivor of the American Dream and the new economy. Back in 2006 my husband, Lowell and I had great jobs, retirement funds, savings plans and a plan for a future on the road. In Feb ‘07 we bought a new home, put our old house on the market and moved my mother in with us … still no worries and we were living the American Dream.  In Feb ‘08 reality struck!  I was downsized from my job of eighteen years. I called it my hard core Valentine.  After fifteen years of employment, Feb ’09 Lowell was downsized and his employer closed up shop … his hard core valentine! That same month, I started part time at Delta Sigma Pi Central Office. After a few months, I was on full time … immense relief filled our home. Someone had a job! It took Lowell eighteen months to find another job. Life goes on!

A friend once told me God only put’s on your plate what you can handle. Many times I have said enough! Remember, money is not the key to life. Life is the key to life. Everyone morning I wake up and look at my husband, I am living the American Dream. Just like many things today, it too has been downsized.

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