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Writing a Cover Letter that Makes You Stand Out

March 19, 2013

One of the benefits of our partnership with GEICO is an exchange of resources and career advice. This blog is written by Shannon Smedstad, GEICO Careers Blogger, and she wants you to write a cover letter that makes you stand out. 

There you are, sitting in your room or the student union, reading this headline and wondering … “Do I really need to write a cover letter?” And, the short answer is: Sometimes. There are recruiters and managers who want to read cover letters and require them as part of the hiring process. Many people get assistance in writing their resumes, but the cover letter is often left up to the job seeker to write, unassisted.

Cover letters give the reader a glimpse into your personality, achievements and writing skills. Like your resume, you’ll want to ensure that your cover letter is error-free. Here are a few more tips for making your cover letter stand out from the rest:

1. When possible, address your cover letter to a real person, then begin with a strong opening statement that communicates your interest in a specific job. Include where you saw the job posting, as it helps HR gauge which sources produce the best candidates.

2.  The cover letter is a great place to highlight your most significant academic and campus accomplishments. Can you name three to five things that make you an awesome job applicant? Good. Include them within your cover letter.

3. Since you are essentially selling a company on why to choose you for a job, your cover letter and resume become very important marketing tools. Like any pitch, you want to close strong. Consider restating your interest in the company and position, and include the best way to contact you.

1. Keep it short and sweet.
2. Include your heading at the top, similar to the one you use on your resume.
3. Read it aloud a few times to ensure each sentence reads well.
4. Proofread it carefully and don’t rely on spell check to pick up all errors.

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