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Meet the Staff: Shanda Gray

April 10, 2013

Welcome to the newest edition of Meet the Staff! This time around the Central Office staff will be writing a little about themselves and we hope you enjoy the posts and find something in common with the staff! Don’t forget to “like” the blogs and write comments! This week we are featuring Shanda Gray, who answered the question:  What story do you tell from your first Grand Chapter Congress?

My first Grand Chapter Congress (GCC) in Washington DC in 1991 was life-changing!  My first commercial flight, first taxi ride, first subway, first time in DC, first time gathering with hundreds of like-minded-people, first ride in a limo with a bunch of Deltasigs I’d never met before, first time sharing a pizza with now one of my best friends on a shoe shine stand at 3 am.  From the business sessions and education, to the friendships created and dancing the night away with a band at the Saturday formal banquet – this GCC was my Deltasig life-changer and captured my allegiance to the Fraternity for life.  Since 1991, I haven’t missed a GCC (and don’t plan to), I’ve served in a variety of volunteer leadership roles including on the Board of Directors, and now have served on the Central Office staff for over 14 years – hoping that I can help create life-changing moments for other young Deltasigs as they attend their first LEAD or GCC.   Experiencing a GCC with attendees ranging from 18 to nearly 100 years old drives home the notion that Deltasig is for life!  Have you registered yet for Grand Chapter Congress in Seattle this August?!?!

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