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Fun Fact Friday!

April 19, 2013

Did you know Saturday is a Founder’s birthday? Is it the birthday of Alfred Moysello!  Read about him below and view his original membership application!

Alfred Moysello
April 20, 1884 – March 25, 1941

Alfred Moysello was born in Naples, Italy on April 20, 1884. He came to the United States at an early age and received his formal education in New York City public schools. He attended City College of New York and then enrolled in New York University in 1906. With tremendous personality, he was one of the most popular students at the university and participated wholeheartedly in all the activities of the class.

He joined with the other Founders in establishing Delta Sigma Pi at NYU and as a fraternity brother exemplified the purposes of the Fraternity. His friendliness and personality were distinct chapter assets.

In the early years, Alpha Chapter maintained summer homes on the seashore and these were an important factor in creating the fraternity spirit so badly needed in the critical fledging days of Delta Sigma Pi. Brother Moysello was one of the leaders in this movement.

In his career, he was connected with the Board of Education of Brooklyn for many years and gave much of his time to the study of juvenile delinquency and child psychology.

He was in attendance at the 13th Grand Chapter Congress in Philadelphia in 1939 and is well remembered for the active interest in Delta Sigma Pi he displayed throughout his life. He was married and had one son, Alfred Moysello, Jr.

Alfred Moysello’s Membership Application




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