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A Call to Action on National Alumni Day

April 24, 2013


With National Alumni Day approaching, it’s time to reflect on what makes this Fraternity so great. For me, it’s how incredibly dedicated our members are to helping each other succeed. As a collegiate, I was truly inspired by how involved our alumni were – whether it was with their time, advice or financial support. Brothers from all around seemed willing to always be a phone call away for advice or drive 100 miles to support us at an event. This kind of brotherhood goes a long way for our collegiate members.

In terms of financial support, I found it impressive how endowed the Leadership Foundation was. I was one of many students to receive scholarships from the Foundation. I was lucky enough to be granted funds for national scholarships as well as local funds like provincial scholarships. Having these scholarships available was a strong motivating factor to excel academically and be involved fraternally.

I was paying my own way through college, as is the case with many students. I was one who would search every corner for scholarship money and apply for every dollar I could get. The Delta Sigma Pi scholarship application was something I looked forward to every year, as it was an opportunity to reflect on what I had accomplished and how I could better myself as a member of the fraternity.

The scholarships the Leadership Foundation offers are not only a motivating factor, but they also increase the value of the Fraternity. Knowing that we have a strong alumni base willing to support the students speaks volumes about our network. For potentials exploring the Fraternity, scholarships tell them that they can be financially rewarded for what they put into the organization, and more than cover the seemingly expensive dues on top of the ever-increasing tuition costs.

To all the alumni considering supporting the Leadership Foundation: I speak for all the collegiate brothers who have applied for Deltasig scholarships when I say – your help goes a very long way and is not unnoticed! Your dollars are multiplied when given to a deserving collegiate brother who has excelled academically and fraternally. These are the future leaders of business and of the organization.

To celebrate National Alumni Day tomorrow, we’re hosting the third annual “4/25 Drive” – a 24-hour viral fundraising campaign. This would be a great opportunity to support the Fraternity and all our collegiate brothers in need. Please consider joining the cause and making a donation, as it will pay dividends in benefiting our Fraternity. As I mentioned, your generosity does not go unnoticed! I look forward to seeing you all at Grand Chapter Congress this August in Seattle!


Cody Candee
2012 National COY

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  1. April 24, 2013 10:21 am

    Any Alumni in the St. Louis, MO area are welcome to join the Beta Sigma collegiate chapter for dinner at 7:30pm 4/25 at Vito’s! – see you there!!

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