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Fun Fact Friday: Happy 100th Birthday Bob Busse!

June 7, 2013
Bob Bussee 
PGPs Mitch Simmons and Bob Busse with GP Mark Chiacchiari

PGP Bob Busse, Rutgers, was born in East Orange, N.J. in 1913 and celebrated his 100th birthday June 1, at First Presbyterian Church in Fort Worth, Texas surrounded by family, friends and Deltasigs. Tomorrow, June 15, marks is actual 100th birthday! Brother Busse attended his first Grand Chapter Congress in 1936 before he was even initiated and his dedication to the Fraternity never wavered. Busse served as chapter president, Regional Director and Grand President. He helped endow the Bob and Dorothy Busse Scholarship fund, was honored as the 1996 Lifetime Achievement Award and received his Diamond Helmet for 75 years of service last fall!

Busse worked for Burroughs Adding Machine Company for 36 years in six states. He was married to his wife Dorothy (Dottie) for 57 years before she passed away. They are parents to son Ronald and daughter Laurie—the first father-daughter combination in the Fraternity! Busse also served the Special Olympics Georgia and the Ladies Professional Golf Association, whose annual golf tournament was renamed the “Bob Busse Classic” in his honor.  Bob also joined Rotary in New Jersey almost 70 years ago, served in seven different clubs and was chief consultant to the Atlanta Rotary office for 35 years. Page 34- New photo  for top article

PGPs Mitch Simmons and Bob Busse
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