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Think Greek Life… Now Think Again

July 3, 2013

Delta Sigma Pi is a professional fraternity.

This phrase has been engrained in the minds of every brother from the time they were handed their pledge manuals at the first pledge meeting.  It is so obvious to every member that it is overlooked how odd it sounds to those who are unfamiliar with Delta Sigma Pi.  “Professional fraternity” is a hard concept to grasp because fraternities are stereotyped as groups of men who are troublemakers that party and haze.  This description is far from accurate for Delta Sigma Pi.

Delta Sigma Pi has the reputation of America’s foremost business fraternity.  It is the responsibility of every brother to ensure that this reputation is upheld on every campus in every city.  No matter how long members have been associated with the Fraternity there are actions each brother can take to maintain the Fraternity’s image.

  • Send e-mails and post on social media to get members excited for chapter events and increase attendance
  • Plan non-alcoholic social events
  • Enforce the risk management policies set by the Fraternity
  • Continually ensure pledges and remind members of the no-hazing policies
  • Educate all members on risk management
  • Be aware of the personal reputation of recruits

Participating in Greek life is not synonymous for a four year party, so make it known in your area and break the stereotype!

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