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How to Decorate Your Cubicle

July 11, 2013

The environment you work in can impact how productive, creative, and happy you are during the day.  Working in a cubicle is not always the most desirable of environments, but by re-decorating and keeping your space organized you will look forward to working in your new space.


Here are some decoration/organizational tips:

Color Scheme:

Start by deciding on a color scheme for your cubicle.  Choose two colors, one will be the dominant color and the other will be an accent.  Get file folders, coffee mugs, book ends, binders and other large office items in the primary color.  Then buy smaller items such as paper clips, stapler, and hole punch in the accent color.


Stay inspired by adding pictures and quotes to your space.  Change your computer background to somewhere you want to travel, hang up a calendar that has a theme you enjoy, and get a bulletin board to post inspirational quotes as you come across them.


Not all offices allow employees to have plants in their work space, but if plants are allowed in your office make the investment!  Plants like croton, caladium and small cacti are good choices for your cubicle because they are easy to care for and will provide a touch of nature while you are working hard inside.


Keep your cubicle neat and organized.  Buy organizational tools you will use and always keep as much of your work surface empty as possible.


Remember to keep the decorations professional at all times.  Do not go over the top or choose too bright of colors.  Always respect the rules of the office and the requests of your co-workers.

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