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Twitter + Your Job Search: Tips for College Students

November 8, 2013

One of the benefits of our partnership with GEICO is an exchange of resources and career advice. This blog is written by Shannon Smedstad, GEICO Careers Blogger, and the guide below will help any new graduate utilize Twitter as a job search tool.

Tech-savvy and eager college students are finally using Twitter as a job search tool.  Last fall semester, I observed many college students tweeting and participating in Twitter chats. I think it’s fantastic that students are embracing Twitter as a way to reach out to employers, research companies, gain insight into corporate cultures, and find career opportunities.




  1. Search for jobs, internships and money for college. While there are many hashtags that you could try out, here are a few to start with: #jobs #hiring #genY #entrylevel #USAjobs #DCjobs #salesjobs #prjobs; #internships #internpro #intern; #scholarships #finaid
  2.  Follow company career handles. For example @GEICOCareers @SodexoCareers @GECareers @MicrosoftJobs @attJOBS share photos, videos, job postings and more. Read what they are offering or direct message them with a question.
  3. Follow your school’s career center. If your university’s career center does not utilize Twitter, follow ones that do. Syracuse, NYU, San Diego State and Indiana-Bloomington are schools that share job leads, resume tips and career-related articles on Twitter.
  4. Tweet your LinkedIn profile. Once you’ve identified potential companies or recruiters, tweet a link to your profile. Spark their interest and inquire about job leads or ask to set up an informational call.
  5. Subscribe to geo-targeted job feeds. Services such as, SimplyHired, Indeed and BuddingUp post jobs to Twitter. Do a little research and subscribe to feeds that match what you are looking for in a job.
  6. Follow job-related tweeps.  There is a lot of information sharing on Twitter.  @Blogging4Jobs, @InternMatch, @YouTern, @BrazenCareerist, @InternQueen, @UrbanEmploy, @Doostang are some that come to mind.
  7. Stay in touch with recruiters. If you’ve met a hiring manager during a career fair or a recruiter at another event, ask if they are using Twitter. Follow them, tweet occasionally and stay connected to a real person.
  8. Extend your personal brand. I’ve seen public profiles that would amaze you! If you choose to use Twitter in the job search, I recommend that you: select an appropriate handle and profile photo, write a professional bio, and use your best judgment when tweeting.

Are you using Twitter in your job search? How has it helped you? Share your tips below.

Disclaimer: Mentions of third-party resources are provided for informational purposes and do not constitute an endorsement. I did not receive anything in exchange for listing any of these sites, however, I am a GEICO employee and have mentioned one of my company’s Twitter accounts.  

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